Frank Turner videos.

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Music Videos
- [youtube] Photosynthesis - From album 'Love Ire & Song'
- [youtube] The Real Damage - From album 'Sleep Is For The Week'
- [youtube] Vital Signs - From album 'Sleep Is For The Week'
- [youtube] Casanova Lament - This is an unaired video for the song.

Links/videos by myself
XFM New Music Awards - Broadcast on MTV2 April 26 2008
01. [mpg] - Album introduction piece.
02. [mpg] - Worse Things Happen at Sea

Reading Festival, Carling Stage, Augsut 24 2007
- [youtube] The Real Damage
- [youtube] Father's Day

Banquet Records Instore number 2, January 17 2007
- [youtube] Worse Things Happen At Sea

Pure Groove Records Insture, January 16 2007
- [youtube] Sea Legs

West End Centre, Aldershot, England, September 23 2006
- [youtube] Vital Signs

Small Town America All Dayer, 93 Feet East, London, England, September 16 2006
01. [youtube] Back In The Day
02. [youtube] A Decent Cup Of Tea

The Peel, Kingston, London, England, June 14 2006
- [youtube] Dancing Queen (with Jonah Matranga)

Battersea Barge, Battersea/Vauxhall, London, England, June 3 2006
01. [mov] [youtube] Romantic Fatigue
02. [mov] [youtube] Nashville Tennessee
03. [mov] [youtube] Thatcher Fucked The Kids
04. [mov] [youtube] Worse Things Happen At Sea
05. [mov] [youtube] Casanova Lament
06. [mov] [youtube] Fathers Day
07. [mov] [youtube] The Ballad Of Me And My Friends
08. [mov] [youtube] Vatican Broadside [Half Man Half Biscuit Cover]
09. [mov] [youtube] The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin' [Chris T-T Cover]
10. [mov] [youtube] The Real Damage

Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London, England, February 26 2006 - Love Music Hate Racism
[mov] [youtube] The Real Damage
[mov] [youtube] Nashville Tennessee

13th Note, Glasgow, Scotland, January 23 2006
[mov] [youtube] Thatcher Fucked The Kids
[mov] [youtube] One Of The Many
[mov] [youtube] Casanova Lament

Mad Hatters, Inverness, Scotland, January 22 2006
[mov] [youtube] Wisdom Teeth
[mov] [youtube] This Town Aint Big Enough For The One Of Me
[mov] [youtube] Smiling At Strangers On Trains [Milion Dead]
[mov] [youtube] Tell Me Why [Neil Young Cover]
[mov] [youtube] I Really Don't Care What You Did In Your Gap Year

The Peel, Kingston, England, January 20 2006
[mov] [youtube] Casanova's Lament

Fighting Cocks, Kingston, England, December 18 2005
[mov] [youtube] Nashville Tennessee
[mov] [youtube] When The Hunstman Comes A Marching [Chris TT cover]

Luminaire, Kilburn, London, England, April 7 2005
[mov] [youtube] Prayer To God [Shellac Cover]
[mov] [youtube] Harmony No Harmony [Frank and Tom]

Bread & Roses, Clapham, England, April 3 2005
[mov] [youtube] I Want To Break Free [Queen Cover]
[mov] [youtube] Rain King [Counting Crows cover]
[mov] [youtube] Living The Dream [Million Dead]
[mov] [youtube] Julie Levellers cover [youtube link]

Chinnerys, Southend On Sea, England, January 30 2005
01. [mov] [youtube] The Desperation's Gone [NoFX cover]
02. [mov] [youtube] Achilles Lung [Million Dead]
03. [mov] [youtube] After The Rush Hour [Million Dead]
04. [mov] [youtube] Long Black Veil [Johnny Cash cover]
05. [mov] [youtube] Margot Kidder [Million Dead]
06. [mov] [youtube] Medicine [Million Dead]

Links/videos by other people
[youtube] Radio 1 interview and The Real Damage
[youtube] Worse Things Happen At Sea [Newcastle]
[youtube] After The Rush Hour [Inverness]
[youtube] Dancing Queen
[youtube] Nashville Tennessee [Green Room - Bournemouth]
[youtube] Vatican Broadside [Green Room - Bournemouth]
[youtube] Thatcher Fucked The Kids [Green Room - Bournemouth]