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September 13 2008
Long time no update due to my own slackness. Up first is the new video for Long Live the Queen, available to view on youtube. All proceeds from the single will go to Breast Cancer Campaign, so do buy it.

Next is the session which appeared on Zane Lowe's show recently on the 9th. It's available in the usual audio place. Enjoy.

April 27 2008
The Album (Love Ire & Song) has been out for a good few weeks now so you should have picked up a copy already if you haven't here's a list of retailers online that sell it. Also up on the site today are two videos from the XFM New Music Awards which happened back in January as MTV2 finally broadcast the program. One video of the Album piece they did and then one video of the Song 'Worse Things Happen at Sea.' They're in the Video section for your downloading needs. In Mpg format so they should play on any media player as well.

March 26 2008 1am
Frank had a chat and performed some songs on John Kennedy's Xposure show on XFM on Monday the 24th. The interview and session tracks are now up in the audio section for your downloading perusal. Also played during the show were two new songs 'Imperfect Tense' and 'To Take You Home' while I'd like to post them for you to hear, obviously that's not possible because they're from the album out next week.

March 04 2008
Acoustic cover of Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" broadcast from today's Punk Show on BBC Radio 1. There's one small dropout on the recording unfortunately. I can't do much about this, if you've got a better one let me know. Also available to Pre-Order now is the forthcoming album 'Love Ire & Song' check the pre-order page for where you can get it.

February 23 2008
Bagel Radio session online. Frank recorded a pretty long session filled with banter for the session, it's around 50 minutes long. The rip is of a 64kbps mono stream from their site. Audio in the usual place.

February 19 2008
Mike Davies Punk Show. From BBC Radio 1. Fortunately my recorder recorded when it was broadcast at 2am so it's up here on this site now. Three new tracks performed live from the forthcoming album 'Love Ire and Song' Head to the audio to download those.

February 10 2008
Frank did an interview session and played one song yesterday On Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles. Fortunately, they broadcast on the net and so I was able to rip their mp3 stream. You can now download the session in the Audio section, split up into two interview type tracks and one track for Casanova Lament.

January 19 2008
Tracks from the live broadcast of XFM's New Music Award are up. Two songs played live on the radio, check the self edit on certain words by Mr. Turner, they've got string accompaniment to them as well. Get downloading in the audio section. And if you didn't already know, Frank did not with the award.

January 7 2008
A small update, two audio tracks, leading up to and the end of new track 'Photosynthesis' premiered on BBC Radio 1 tonight.

December 23 2007
The DVD has been out for a bit now, so if you've not yet purchased it do so. Updated is the Stephen Merchant session from today in the Audio downloads section. Download to your hearts content. The XFM interview may make it on the site a little later.

September 15 2007
'All About The Destination' the new DVD by Frank is to be released later this month (or the start of next month, sites seem confused about the date) and you can pre-order it using this link of compiled on-line retailers.

August 27 2007
Reading. If you weren't there it was amazing. I'm pretty sure Leeds most likely was as well. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure you can see just how with two videos.
The Real Damage on youtube and Father's Day on youtube.


Solo tour dates with Jonah Matranga, Joshua English and Jacob Golden or Jay Jay Pistolet in September upcoming. You probably already saw those though on Frank's Site.

May 23 2007
Live session tracks from 'Two Hours BC with Barry and Charlotte' are now up in the audio section for your downloading needs.

May 2 2007
You can pre-order the new EP 'The Real Damage' online now, just check this link to get a list of places I've compiled that stock it online. It comes out next week on the 7th.

If you've got more space cash, go and buy the new Public Relations Exercise album, it's amazing and called 'Come You Are Safe, We Are From The Bombs' .

April 2 2007
Mp3's from the Mike Davies Punk show are now up in the audio section.

Tracklist for 'The Real Damage' EP is as follows:
1. The Real Damage
2. Sea Legs
3. Back To Sleep
4. Sunshine State
5. Heartless Bastard Motherfucker

Released in May.

March 6 2007
The search of the XFM session. So a little while ago (Feb 12th) in the evening Frank's Xposure session was broadcast on XFM from their alldayer in January. Of-course, I managed to miss this after waiting for two weeks and listening to the radio. If you've got the session I'd appreciate if you could let me know and send it to me so I can host it on here. Tracks that were broadcast were: The Real Damage / Worse Things Happen At Sea / Romantic Fatigue / Sea Legs / Nashville Tennesse.

An EP is scheduled for release in May. Featuring The Real Damage and three new tracks.

January 23 2007
Album out now! If you haven't already, go and buy 'Sleep Is For The Week' at a store near you. Frank shall be touring (probably) somewhere near you starting tomorrow, so go and check out the show. He'll be appearing on an XFM session (I believe) at some point in the future as he's participating in their Music Response birthday show on Saturday (27th) which I assume will be recorded.

December 21 2006
You can now Pre-order Sleep Is For The Week at many places, click here to find a list of shops online which will allow you to pre-order the album.

December 9 2006
Vital Signs video
As you are probably aware by now, a video was shot for the song 'Vital Signs' for the forthcoming album, 'Sleep Is For The Week'. You can view the video on Frank's myspace or on youtube.

As a christmas present you can get a free download of 'Vital Signs' and b-side 'Heartless Bastard Motherfucker' if you view this page on Frank's website.

July 12 2006
Another small update, you can now catch an interview with Frank done in Leicester on this site, click here to have a read. This is provided by Kirsty from Kissing Just For Practice while the site has some downtime troubles.

Also added some youtube links to the videos from the Battersea Barge, it probably won't affect most of you but its another form of exposure to other people.

July 7 2006
An update! Most of the videos can now be downloaded in the video section. Some still to be sorted out and I'll see about possibly adding some more new ones.

Also, head down to the Barfly in Camden (London) on August 8th for Frank's show, "The Ballad of Me and My Friends" shall be recorded and appear on Frank's album (out very early next year I believe). This is also being filmed.

First item
Welcome. You've probably already figured out how to use this site so there is no real need to explain it. Enjoy.

More to come, some improvements and such when I please. Dilute yourself.