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An update for this archive, it seems the web archive has updated with newer pages. So this archive is becoming more complete.


A quick update for anyone still checking this site. The DVD is still looking to be released, although exactly when is uncertain. If you're champing at the bit for it, it might be worth getting in touch with Xtra Mile and letting them know. Don't say we sent you! And there you have it folks. More info when we have it. We're going to try to post Rachel Brook's fan documentary about the last tour on here sometime soon as well. Take care.


Well, there it is, it's done. Thanks to everyone who came to the tour, thanks to Gay For Johnny Depp, we had a blast. Keep checking this site for more info on the DVD, and for what people are doing next (frank's stuff is online already). We had a great four years of it. Cheers.

12/09/05 - A Special and Sad Announcement

"Million Dead are breaking up. After four years and two albums, we have mutually decided that this is best thing to do. Irreconcilable differences within the band mean that it would be impossible to continue, and anyway, we?d rather leave a good-looking corpse. Our reasons are personal and assured. Therefore, the upcoming September tour will be our last.

We?d like to express our deep gratitude to those who worked with and for us over the years, who had faith in us, and without whom we would never have got anywhere. We?d also like to thank all those who bought records, came to shows, and generally gave a shit. We?re still pleasantly surprised that anyone ever did.

You will no doubt be hearing from some or all of us again at some point in the future."

I know this is a shock to most people, and a sadness to. Believe me, it's all those things and more for us. There'll be more information on this, and on the future, on the site in the next few weeks, but we wanted to let people know before the tour. Thanks everyone.

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