the forum is currently down. this is due to phpBB getting hacked at the beginning of the week. apparently all the information is still there, but it might be a few days before it's up and running again. in the meantime you can keep on voting for the video...

the spangtacular video for 'Living The Dream' should be starting to get played on various music channels from monday onwards. as in the golden days of old, YOU can now do your bit to help us out with your mad voting skillz. follow the links underneath to vote for the video on the NME chart show, and to vote for us at rocksound and xtaster. thanks people.

MTV2 - NME Chart

at last, some news on our forthcoming single and tour. the single, Living The Dream, is going to be released by Xtramile Recordings on March 21st (ben's birthday!). we're doing a little jaunt aound the UK before then to remind you all that (a) we rock, (b) the new single rocks and (c) you need to buy it! here are the dates then:
  • march 6th - Mansfield Mill
  • march 7th - Edinburgh Studio 24
  • march 8th - Stockton Georgian Theatre
  • march 9th - Wrexham Central Station
  • march 10th - Exeter Cavern
  • march 11th - Bristol Louisiana
  • march 12th - Harlow Square
  • march 14th - Southampton Joiners
  • march 15th - Southend Chinnerys
  • march 16th - Hastings Crypt
  • march 22nd - Derby Victoria Inn
  • march 23rd - Northampton Soundhaus
  • march 24th - Aldershot West End Centre
  • march 25th - Wolverhampton Little Civic
  • march 26th - Peterborough Metropolis Lounge
  • march 27th - Yeovil Flicks Bar
see you on the road!

we're back from latvia with a snow tan to boot. and we had an awesome time - hello to all our new baltic friends. we're definitely planning on making a return journey in the near future. and for now, here's a picture of us showing them how it's done black metal style in Cesis castle:

In other news, we're this close to announcing our march tour in support of the next single, but for the time being we're helping our friends at drowned in sound by playing at the launch of their new brainwash club nights. check the shows section for details.

it's time for some details on our first foray into latvia! on january 22nd we're going to be playing at the put on the music festival at the railway museum in riga. also on the bill are Jairus, Pienvedeja Piedzivojumi, F[ei]K, and When My Authorities Fall. we're also playing in Cesis on january 21st. so hello to our new latvian friends, we'll see you there.

for those of you in the UK, a quick note to say that Frank will be playing another solo acoustic set at southen chinnerys on january 30th. the gig is a benefit for Tsuani Relief, and will also feature Pylon, Nathaniel Green and others. doors at 5.30pm, ?6 in. see you there.

video appeal

next saturday 15th january we're going to be shooting a video for our next single in london. for this video we're going to need extra's... extra's dressed in glam / goth / ridiculous clothing. minimum requirements would be a crazy wig and make-up. we're going to need people in central london from around midday for a 3 or 4 hours. we can't pay you, and we can't provide much in the way of costumes (tho maybe some make-up). we need YOU to help us pull this off. any participation will be MUCH appreciated.

anyone seriously interested in taking part in this should email the band at for more information. thanks everyone.

happy new year from everyone at MDHQ. it's time for an annual update, a stock take, a series of new year's resolutions, if you will. so here goes.

everything is slightly in limbo as far as goes. we've just about finished the new album (a bit of mixing and mastering to be done, then artwork etc.). we're getting ready for the first single (due at the start of march), preparing videos, artwork, tours and the like. and there's also going to be a total site redesign over the next month or so. in other words, it's all go here, but you'll have to bear with us in these next few weeks.

finally, a word about the Lock Up last night. we gave our good friend Mike a new song to play off the album, unmixed and unmastered. it was NOT the new single, i'm afraid, but one of our heavier album tracks. the working title is BSE - the full title has yet to be decided. anyhoo, we were chuffed with the popular response, and Mike says he'll play it again next week.