happy christmas everyone from MD. next year will be the year of Million Dead, so watch this space!

a quick note to let you know that, due to circumstances beyond our control, the barfly show (below) has been moved to december 21st. it's only one day difference, so that shouldn't be too much hassle. existing tickets are of course still valid. worth hurrying to get em, they're going fast...

christmas beckons, friends, and so it is that we've decided to play a christmas show this year. on december 22nd we'll be playing at the barfly in London to see out the year in style. it'll be our last gig of the year, and we'll be showcasing material from our new album which wil by then be recorded and mixed. the night is being organized by xtaster, so it's also a thankyou for street-teamers everywhere who've helped us out. tickets are available from see you there.

hot on the tails of italy, our debut album "a song to ruin" was released in Australia today through shock records. insert some cheesy comment about a friendly "g'day!" here. seriously tho, welcome to our new antipodean friends.

in related news, it's your chance to help MD once again with some manic online voting. first up, download festival is having an online poll for next year's bill. seeing as we rocked the joint last year, why not help us get back and conquer it again? the link is here. then for all our australian pals, you can request our tunes on net 50, on super request, on short fast and loud, and on full metal racket. thanks for the help!

"a song to ruin" was released in Italy today through about rock records, so here's a big friendly hello to all you italian types. i might add that the license deal also included vatican city, and we're hoping the pope might make an appearance.

writing the album is going swimmingly. we're going to kill you all with the power of rock, mark my words...

buying MD CD's online just got a whole lot easier, especially for you international types. check out this hyperlink: it'll take you over to townsend records where you'll find pretty much every general release of ours to date. how nice.

some more information for you about the show in brighton on october 30th...

'It?s close to midnight and something evil?s lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it. You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes. You?re paralyzed. 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night...'

The eve of All Saints Day will soon be upon us and in celebration of all things unholy, indie label Xtra Mile are staging an impressive all ages Halloween rock party; a festivity of ghoulish, satanic, rock mayhem at Brighton?s Concorde venue.

As part of Brighton Live, a week long daily festival of gigs and special events running over 7 days, the Xtra Mile Halloween Party features label signings Reuben - who were nominated for Best British Newcomer at this year?s Kerrang! Awards - co-headline the demonic bash alongside Million Dead. Providing support are local Brighton bands Hiding With Girls and McQueen with special guest DJ?s Hundred Reasons.

This is a fancy dress party; theme: EVIL. Dress appropriately or entry will be refused. Mwwwhhaaaaaaaa!

Saturday October 30th - early show, starting at 5pm until 10pm. Priced ?6 adv per ticket.

sorry we haven't updated here in a little while (don't forget the blog), but we have been busy here at MDHQ, and there's lots to tell.

the first thing is that, as many people already seem to know, we've been invited to tour with Sparta in October. we are very flattered to have been asked and it's going to be a blast - check the shows section of the site for details.

in other news, we're playing no less than two halloween shows this year, which will be ace. the first is in a mystery location in east anglia (go on, guess) and the second is in brighton. we've also been demoing some new material of late for the next album and i might say that it sounds fucking great. we are all well excited. see you in october.

a quick post to let everyone know two things. firstly, there's the beginnings of a more-regularly updated blog on this site now. the idea is that band members can idly chatter on there, while serious inforative posts can be reserved for this news section. we'll see how it works out. the blog can be found at

also, frank is going to be playing an acoustic gig on september 18th at 93 feet east in london to raise money for charity. it's being organized by the folks at smalltown america records. you should all go. bye for now.

well, we've now played our first show with tom on guitar, and very fun it was too. thanks to everyone who was there, we had a blast, and thanks to the great people who organized the day too. despite the rain, faces were rocked.

for any fools who don't yet own the album, just thought we'd let you know that it's currently on offer for ?10.99 at virgin megastores. so go get.

a small announcement
after 3 years, 13 releases, 151 shows, 9 vans, 1 bus, 5 flights, 2 amps, 4 guitars, and countless broken strings, million dead have parted ways with their guitarist cameron dean. his show at the underworld tonight will be his last with us. cameron extends his thanks to all our friends and fans who have helped us along the way, and he goes on to marriage and new shores. we wish him all the best.
stepping into his shoes will be our old friend tom ?reb beech? fowler. tom has played in hundreds of underground bands that you?re not cool enough to have heard, but now he?s finally selling out and joining million dead. together we?re already working on our second album, which we hope to release early next year, and which will rock your face off your head.
unfortunately, in the short term, we?re going to have to pull out of our show in newbury on 11th june. our sincerest apologies to all those who were coming down, but we?re going to reschedule the date for some time in the summer. beyond that, tom?s first show with us will be the bukandskit festival on june 27th, and we?d like you all to come down and give him a warm welcome. see you there.

the video for 'i gave my eyes to stevie wonder' is now on scuzz, so you can all go vote for it on their website or by calling 09014 900352 026. voting in the mtv2 chart is still going on.

in the meantime, some news about the forthcoming smiths tribute album that we've done a track for. 'how soon is now' will be out on 28th june via sorepoint records, and features us (doing a cover of 'girlfriend in a coma'), hundred reasons, yourcodenameis:milo, thisgirl, read yellow, instruction and others. keep your eyes peeled.

the single is out today! go consume, my lovelies...

some news about the gig in cambridge on may 22nd. the APU show is strictly over-18's only. to redress this imbalance, we're going to be playing 2 shows that day - the APU show at night, and another at the man in the moon in cambridge. this show will go from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, will feature us and two supports, and will be strictly under-18's only. tickets (?4 in advance, ?5 on the door) are available from here.

as regards the show at bath uni this saturday, just to clear up the confusion, it is open to non-students, tickets on the door, but it is 18+ i'm afraid. see you there.

and don't forget to vote for the single on mtv2, or to buy it when it comes out on monday!

phew. we're back off our headline tour for a well-earned 24-hour break. thanks to x is loaded, yourcodenameis:milo and most of all to all of you who came down and made it the most kick-ass tour ever. bring on hull (tomorrow) and the funeral for a friend tour!

in other news, the video for our new single, 'i gave my eyes to stevie wonder' (out may 17th) is now getting played on mtv2. you can register how furious you are about it not being played even more by voting here. thanks people.

hi everyone. just to let people know, the new single, 'i gave my eyes to stevie wonder', has had its release date pushed back to may 17th. this is mainly to give our video time to air, starting from next week.

also, just to keep people up to speed about our show from mtv2 gonzo at the milton keynes snow dome on april 24th. we're headlining, but also on the bill are kill kenada, atmosphere, the holiday plan, vinyl dialect and jetplanelanding. tickets are ?15, available from 0871 222 5670. also, there a competition to win stuff including tickets on see y'all there.

finally, there's a bunch more shows in the relevant section, so go have a look. t'raa for now.

a quick tour update with regards to scarborough. for reasons beyond our (or the promoter's) control, the show in scarborough has had to be cancelled. but rather than sit on our arses twiddling thumbs, we've moved the show to the coventry jailhouse, 20th april. this is pretty short notice, so let's all make the effort to make a great show! get everyone you know to come on down, and we'll see you there!

ok ok ok, we're playing hull on 27th april at the welly club, jeez...

welcome to version 2.9742 or something. the site has had an aesthetic makeover. the content, brilliant as it always was, is largely the same, but note a new bio and the lyrics to the new single in the words section. enjoy.

also, those who wish to can now join in with helping million dead! it's a bit like blue peter but with more rock. we've made up a little poster you can download and print out yourself, then photocopy and stick it up around the place. any effort would be much appreciated. right click here and choose 'save target as...' to get the file. thanks.

two titbits: we've been confirmed to open up the game on stage at download festival 2004 on june 5th. while we'd love to imagine that people will go there just for us, we'll just stick with saying pop on by if yr there anyways!

and secondly, you've done it, you bastards. we've finally caved in to popular demand. may 3rd sees us doing a headline show at the liverpool academy. that was my day off! hope you're happy now, you damn scallies...

hi everyone. apologies for being out of the loop of late, we've been in texas (which rocked, by the way) for a while. injuries about (broken hands etc.) but we're all back safe and sound. some news, meanwhile, mostly about the cambridge furore. the show of april 24th has been postponed to may 22nd at the same venue. sorry tickets weren't just transferred to those of you who already had them, but we'll see you there.

the reason for this postponement is that we got asked to headline mtv2's gonzo in the snow in milton keynes on that day (april 24th) and as a favour to our old mucker zane we said yes. hopefully that's everything cleared up now!

the only other news for the mo is that st lars has set up a new fansite with lots of luvverly downloads, so check it out:

yet more shows! now we can finally announce the rest of our touring commitments for the next few months! in late april / early may we will be hitting the road with our old friends funeral for a friend. the dates:
  • april 30th - ambassador - dublin
  • may 1st - mandela hall, queens uni - belfast
  • may 2nd - barrowlands - glasgow
  • may 4th - town hall - middlesborough
  • may 5th - civic hall - wolverhampton
  • may 6th - forum - london
  • may 8th - city live arena - newport
see you there!

a quickie to tell you about a few more shows we just confirmed for july...
  • july 1st - norwich arts centre
  • july 2nd - milton keynes woughton centre
  • july 3rd - plymouth festival

just to let y'all know that tomorrow night (thursday 4th march) the fantabulous mr john peel will be repeating the session we did for him last year on radio 1 (97-99 fm) from 10pm on. it features four tracks including a cover of tori amos' "pretty good year". enjoy.

in other news, for those of you in america, we're going to be playing at this year's south-by-south-west festival in austin, texas. click the image below to find out more.

hi everyone! well, the supports for our april tour (see below) are now confirmed, so i'd like to all to extend a big welcome to our friends XisLoaded and yourcodenameis:milo. come down early and check em out!

in the meantime, just to clarify, contrary to viscious rumours we are not playing with thrice in brighton tonight, and nor were we ever. sorry. see y'all soon.


i am finally allowed to put out some information about our long-awaited uk tour april 2004! there are a few more dates to confirm, and supports to be announced, but this is the gist of it:
april UK tour 2004! (NB a few more dates and supports TBC)
  • april 5th - poo na nas - brighton
  • april 6th - chinnery's - southend
  • april 7th - zodiac - oxford
  • april 8th - wedgewood rooms - portsmouth
  • april 9th - face/off - swansea
  • april 10th - club 2000 - penzance
  • april 11th - cavern - exeter
  • april 12th - fleece - bristol
  • april 13th - cockpit - leeds
  • april 14th - rock city - nottingham
  • april 15th - hop & grape - manchester
  • april 17th - lava - aberdeen
  • april 18th - brickyard - carlisle
  • april 19th - university - newcastle
  • april 20th - kasbah club - scarborough
  • april 21st - barfly - york
  • april 22nd - fez club - sheffield
  • april 23rd - charlotte - leicester
  • april 24th - anglia uni - cambridge
  • april 25th - metropolis lounge - peterborough

hi there everyone! and our apologies for the (comparitively) lengthy absence in updates. but it's not because we haven't been busy. MD have been holed up working on getting the current album out around the world and workign on new material to rock y'all to pieces. thansk to everyone who came to our recent spurt of dates, that was ace. our next live outins will be thus: on february 23rd we're playing a one off show with the lovely folks in funeral for a friend at liverpool uni. see you there (extra prizes if you were at our last liverpool show). and this april 2004 we're going to be doing a fat fuckoff uk tour, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. see you all on the road!

the year's teething problems are being sorted. earlier problems with the online shop have now been sorted out. there's also a new desktop background for y'all to download, and a new promo shot in the pictures section, to replace the ridiculously old one that'd been doing the rounds. enjoy.

happy new year everyone! it's time to rock some face for the new year...

two little titbits to start off 2004 in style. first up, the luvverly people at have nominated us for an award or two for this year, including best album, best single and best uk breakthrough. you can go to their site to vote in the awards, the results of which will be announced in mid-march, by clicking here.

secondly, our own online million dead shop is now fully operational! this means that we've entered the exciting world of credit card ordering, and importantly we're also now fully international. so to check out the hoodies and shirts there at the moment, follow this link: