news from 2003

a christmas message for y'all!
to celebrate the xmas season, we're letting you know about some dates we've got confirmed for february next year: we'd also like to extend a big thankyou to everyone who helped to make 2003 a great year for us. cheers, we'll see you all again for some face-rocking action next year...
a quick note to say that we've now set the machinery in place for people to order hoodies that we have left over from the tour. as those who already own one will no doubt agree, they're ace. in fact, genuine customer hairy bob from london said: "they're ace!". to have a close look at the design, click here. to consider how much it'll set you back, think of the number ?20. to get one, send an email to so now you know.
howdy one and all. well, the tour is now over (sniff) and we're all back home recovering. we'd like to extend a big fat thankyou to everyone who came to a show, to jarcrew and minus, to our 'crew' (ha!) and anyone else you care to mention. safe to say it was great.

in the meantime, we've got some tour merch left around which we're going to be selling through the site soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled if you missed out on hoodies, baseball shirts or tour shirts. for next year, we're also confirmed for the astoria show on february 10th with hundred reasons, thrice and coheed & cambria. see you down in the pit!
more session news! we have two coming up in the next week. on monday 24th a session will be aired on claire sturgess' show on xfm for all you londoners. for those outside the big smoke, there's more fun in store on tuesday 25th as our long-awaited peel session goes out between 10 and midnight, featuring an exclusive tori amos cover. so keep your ears peeled...

and remember folks, it's only a few days until the single is out and about, so get your fingers on your buzzers...
just to let everyone know that you can now vote in john peel's festive 50 (does exactly what it says on the tin) at the link below. you know what do to...

the rumours were true... some dodgy shit happened on the funeral for a friend tour. blackmailers have sent us this photo...
oh no... not again

in other, more serious news, we have a new forum, so go check that out. also, it's getting close to the release date for i am the party (namely november 24th) so get down to your local record store and make sure they're getting copies in. see you all on tour!
aloha! an update all about radio sessions. we've been recording quite a few of them of late, and they're coming up fast. thus:
  • mike davies' lock up live recording on radio 1 from the gig in hove, to be transmitted on november 3rd (tonight! 2am)
  • zane lowe show session on radio 1 to be transmitted on november 12th (8-10pm)
  • john peel show session, also on radio 1 to be transmitted on november 25th (10-midnight; features a tori amos cover!)
this just in: you can currently vote for the video for our new single, 'i am the party', here:

you know what to do...
a word to the wise on the subject of street teams. at the moment we're working with the folks at xtaster for our street team, so everyone who's been emailing us to ask about it go sign up; likewise anyone who did teaming for us before. things should be kicking off with that one pretty soon. the direct link for signing up:
quick update from the road! the funeral for a friend tour is going great, thanks to everyone who's been checking us out at the shows so far. updates:
  • for our own tour in november, the date in brighton on november 24th has unfortunately been cancelled and moved to the exeter cavern club. see you there instead!
  • if not mentioned before, jarcrew are now 110% confirmed to open for the tour, which is the best news all year!
  • next single i am the party is due to be released on november 24th on CD and 7", keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!
thanks then...
get your tape recorders ready, folks and folkettes, million dead are in session on SBN radio on thursday 16th october at 11pm. some unreleased stuff being played, so brave yourselves, fools.

some confusion as to th date for this, but now i can confirm: in the midst of the funeral dates, we have a show at the zanzibar in liverpool on october 19th. this is somewhat last minute, so please let everyone know and come on down yourself.
one final addition to the funeral for a friend tour: we're playing the cardiff barfly on 25th october in association with MTV2's Gonzo. which is nice. see you there, perchance?
in response to popular demand, we've started putting guitar tab up on the site. only two songs thusfar, expect more when we can be arsed.

in other news, further seems forever have been confirmed for the first half of the funeral for a friend tour, which means that they'll be on the astoria bill with us on the 16th. see you there!
funeral for a friend update

the rumour mills have been going crazy, so here's the latest about this tour as we understand it. hopefully this will clear a few things up:
  1. the movieflie have split. sad but true. the news is on their website.
  2. we are not doing any extra shows on the tour. we're still only doing the dates we were originally doing, namely, london, wrexham, bangor, glasgow, aberdeen, edinburgh, newcastle and cambridge.
  3. we are main support for these dates and there will be someone else playing as well.
hopefully that clears things up. apologies to the many people who thought we were playing other shows on the tour, but we just can't afford to do it.
back online again

merry, uh, merry 29th september one and all! the site is back online again, having been down for a few days because everyone loves us (mp3 downloads caused the problem). so enjoy.

also a big apology to everyone in cardiff. we had to cancel the show on sunday night because of band illness - believe me, you didn't want to hear me sing that day (if you ever do??). we're going to be back in cardiff university on october 9th, so maybe you can catch us then.
calling gary wilson from edinburgh - your order for a t-shirt didn't have any info on colour or size. email with info please! if anyone knows gary, pease pass the message on.


we found him. panic over.
small overhaul of the site... the capitalism section has been replaced by the less well-defined materialism section. this features the same instructions on how to buy stuff like demos and t-shirts, but also a couple of downloads for you. the first of these is an mp3 of the album version of smiling at strangers on trains for y'all to enjoy. the second is a new desktop background put together by david reed. go have a look.

while we're on the subject, it was great of david to design that for us, and if anyone else has any other creative stuff they want to send us, feel free and if it rocks our faces we'll put it up for download.
tour news!
well folks, we can now unveil our forthcoming first-ever uk headline tour, scheduled for november! we'll be hitting the road as shown below, with the fantasmic minus from iceland! see a tour ad (with more venue info) here, and see us on the road.
  • 23rd november, southampton joiners, with minus (tickets from wayahead)
  • 24th november, brighton freebutt, with minus
  • 25th november, oxford zodiac, with minus (tickets from theclubthat)
  • 26th november, manchester roadhouse, with minus
  • 27th november, sheffield fez club, with minus
  • 28th november, glasgow cathouse, with minus
  • 29th november, leeds cockpit, with minus
  • 30th november, bristol louisiana, with minus
  • 2nd december, london garage, with minus (part of the K! fest)

for those of you who haven't seen it, here's a scan of the pandora cartoon from this week's kerrang, featuring yours truly killing lars ulrich (yes! thanks to ray zell for that one). enjoy.
a shedload of new photos from our recent show in harlow have just appeared themselves in the pictures section of the site. go and have a look, they're ace. and i've figured out how to make the scrollbars black and have a fixed background. prizes for me.
million dead into the venture capitalist twenty-first century!

we've finally submitted to the socioeconomic death-grip that is capitalism. we've got a pay-pal account. lord forgive us. at the moment, you can now order the first demo online, using a variety of credit cards. hopefully, when we figure this out better, you'll be able to order t-shirts and the like as well. for now, enjoy.

oh, and a big thankyou to everyone who came down to the shows in wolvo and harlow, we had a great time in both towns.
the forum has changed location / look once again. i know we did this just the other day, but we've finally found a format that works, looks good, and is free (!). hopefully this will do the job a lot better. go have a look, and post coz it looks lonely at the mo.
t-shirt update

a thousand apologies, sahibs, for those among you waiting on t-shirt orders. we sold all our old ones, and we've been rummaging behind the sofa to get money to pay for some new ones. but the day has finally arrived and they look fantabulous, thanks. so never fear those of you who contacted us about shirts, they should be on their way soon. see the capitalism section or the design. traa.
we are officially album chart pimps. yes, that's right, our debut album, a song to ruin, charted at number 14 in the indie charts, and at number 17 in the rock charts. which essentially means 2 things: (1) you rock, all the people that bought the record, and (2) our next album will sound like menswear (not really).
some new live photos now up in the pictures section, courtesy of fiona at white noise ezine, who also have a review of the album. more online reviews can be found at alaska recordings and at rock review. just trying to peer pressure you into buying the record!

well, the first nerve-wracking day of the album being on sale went very well thankyou, i hope all of you who picked up a copy are enjoying it, and the rest will be getting one soon... in the meantime, are running a competition linked in with our tour with funeral for a friend, so go check it out - there's signed bits and pieces to be won here and there.

also, a quick note to say that we've had to cancel our show at the fez club in sheffield for september 14th - apologies to all concerned, nothing we could do. but we will be heading back there in november for a gig, so keep your eyes peeled. thanks.


the album is out today!

come on folks, go get! should be available across the western hemisphere (not really - just the uk), 10 tracks, 44 minutes of face rocking. enjoy!

also, just a quick note to say thanks to all the people who've been helping promote the album, we appreciate it more than words can express. for all the kind people still mailing in offering to help, thank you so much but we're out of stuff to send! when we have more supplies we will let the world know. but thanks anyways. see you all at the album launch.

some people seem to be having some problems picking up the single at the moment, so here's some tips and ideas for you. the essential problem is that we're not linkin park and a lot of record stores won't take any in because they don't think they'll sell (another reason for you to hassle them!). but anyways...

the single is distributed by southern records distribution. this in theory means that you should be able to order it from pretty much any record store in the uk. if that fails, however (grouchy record store staff, whatever), there are some places where you can order online. try rough trade, opal music, or perhaps even amazon. you should, if you live in the uk, be able to order the single for delivery from one of those places. if yr still having trouble, email us and we'll see what we can do.

otherwise, have fun, keep voting and keep buying tickets for the launch party, and we'll see you there!

hi there! an update about voting on the kerrang awards issue. apparently the vote on the radio one site is now been taken down, but word on the street is that votes via the kerrang! website still count. so go here to vote:

in the meantime, don't be forgetting about the launch party - it's going to be a blast, get your tickets while there are some left from


this single is out today!

go and buy it! or you're dead!

quick update: voting is going hilariously well, thanks everyone, not sure we'll win out over the heavy-weights but hey, you never know. also, our album launch party is now confirmed for 3rd september at 93 feet east, which is on brick lane. you can buy tickets in advance (?5) from, but they are going to be strictly limited to 125 tickets, so hurry hurry hurry.

well hello there, let's not forget that we just got nominated for the best newcomer category in the kerrang awards 2003! woo! thanks to everyone who voted for us. you'll be pleased to know that you can do the same again; the award is being decided by a vote on the radio one website, so those of you with time to spare can go to the link below and help us out:

thanks everyone. and let's not forget that the single is out monday!

tour news!
at last the silence can be broken. to celebrate tonight's show with funeral for a friend, it's time to announce that we'll be touring the uk with them in october! here are the dates:
  • 16th october, london astoria, with hondo maclean and the movie life
  • 17th october, wrexham newi, with the movie life
  • 18th october, bangor university, with the movie life
  • 21st october, glasgow garage, with the movie life
  • 22nd october, aberdeen lemon tree, with the movie life
  • 23rd october, edinburgh liquid rooms, with the movie life
  • 26th october, newcastle university, with the movie life
  • 27th october, cambridge junction, with the movie life
  • 29th october, southampton university, with the movie life
so come on down to one of those shows and shake your booty. experts are calling the tour 'wicked'. see you in the pit!

quick update about scuzz tv, for those of you with cable: breaking the back is now playlisted, and our number is 015. go to their website to find out hwo to vote. and thanks for those of you who've been voting at mtv2 and kerrang, it really makes a difference.

lots of places where you can let the world know you love us at the moment... apart from kerrang tv, we're also pencilled in for scuzz tv as of this weekend. you can also go to this hyperlink to vote for us to get played more on mtv 2. all of which is fan-bloody-tastic, if you ask me!

the only other piece of news being that we're currently on the look out for kindly folks who would like to help promoting the album before it's release on 1st september. we're going to be sending people stickers / flyers / badges and so on around the uk, so if you want to help, get in touch. that's all for now.

a quick note about upcoming gigs: the birmingham show we had booked for 25th july has been cancelled due to the promotor quitting his job. luckily we'll now be playing in stafford on 1st august, which i'm told is near birmingham (!), so we might see people there. we're also playing in south wales (merthyr tydfil, to be exact, and wow can i spell) on 26th july. everything else is as before. anyhoo...

in the meantime, our video for upcoming single breaking the back (out 11th august) is currently on the playlist at kerrang tv. our number is 291, i'm told, so get watching / voting. taraa.

howdy there. just to let y'all know that the single is starting to get some airplay these days, so keep your ears peeled (especially for mike davies). also, you can now vote for the kerrang awards on, so follow this link and do us a favour...

we now have a forum, in the interaction section. at the moment there's only two posts and it looks a bit lonely, so go post.

the site's teething problems have now been fixed, as far as i know, although if anyone spots anything else that's screwed, they could perhaps let me know. please also note that the mailing address for ordering cd's has changed, so if you sent me an envelope in the last 48 hours i won't get it. otherwise everything's hunky dory at our end, just finishing a video for the new single, breaking the back, which is now due for release on 11th august. t'raa.

hello and welcome to version 2.0! seeing as i couldn't be bothered to cut and paste old and irrelevant news updates onto the new site, i thought it would be good to kick off with a general survey of million dead in mid-2003.
release-wise, you can look forward to the louder than the crowd compilation on gut records due out on 4th august, and featuring one track by yours truly. next up, our second single, entitled breaking the back, is due for release on august 11th. and finally the long-awaited debut album, a song to ruin is out 1st september.
in other news, we've got some shows over the summer, the full list of which can be found here. suffice to say that the next appearance will be at the kingston peel with capdown on 5th july. see you there.
over and out.